In Memoriam

Remembering my father

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By Terry Hand
November 11, 2017

War it futile, it is waged for profit (possession of land is profit) and the excuse given to the people is you are fighting for your freedom, King and country.

The first world war was the jealous, petty squabbling of envious cousins. The Tsar of Russia, Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia and King George V. 70 million troops mobilized and they were the cannon fodder of this deadly squabble. The victors profit enormously from the spoils of war, the people pay the price for the exercise and the soldiers pay with blood and limbs, those who do return do not get compensated for their efforts, on the contrary they many times are treated with contempt, are unemployed, maimed and without any REASONABLE social safety net to help them.
Approximately 18 million combined military and civilians died in what was termed the war to end all war’s. Sadly these wars continue today predicated on lies and profit and silently consented to by an ever gullible society.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

By Terry HandDennis-legislature copy
May 17, 2017

I write this with a feeling of deep sorrow and loss. On April 05 2017 we lost a truly great man. Dennis Shaw, one of the original co-founders of the BC Refederation Party passed away quietly in his home surrounded by his family, Dennis had been battling cancer for several years.

I want to pay tribute to Dennis who devoted more than seventeen years to the BC Refed party and to British Columbian’s as a whole. Dennis’s diligent research and tireless effort throughout these years was selflessly given in the spirit of trying to make BC a better place to live and to enrich the lives of all BC citizens. Even after Dennis stepped down as president in order to donate his time to the “Stop the Smart Meter” campaign he still found time to help me and advise in political queries I had on constitutional matters, or even to help me by proof-reading articles and letters I was working on.

I was out of the country when I received the news of his passing, and with limited access to the internet with only an i-pad, I could not provide you, our members, with this sad news in a timely fashion; something I truly regret. On my return to Canada I was busy campaigning as a candidate for the Parksville – Qualicum electoral district, something I know Dennis was proud of, and so I decided to wait until after the election to pay homage to Dennis.

I know I had Dennis’s full support and approval in my decisions, as Dennis visited me shortly before he died. What I didn’t know then but now realize, it was his way of saying a last goodbye.

In his younger years Dennis served his country in the military, after which he became an elementary school teacher in Nanaimo until his retirement. He then settled in to running his hobby farm, home schooling his grandson and continuing to be politically active working diligently in the campaign to stop the HST, promoting the BC Refed party, and campaigning to stop the BC government’s move to install smart meters in every home and business in the province.
Dennis was a husband, a father, a grandfather and a voluntary champion dedicated in his service to British Columbian’s. Dennis was an inspiration, a mentor, a visionary and an honest, and motivated individual. He will be sadly missed by us all!

With Deep respect,
The BC Refed Executive Team