About Us

DirectDemocracyBC.ca is an additional online forum for British Columbians to have meaningful conversations and debates about direct democracy in British Columbia, about the kind of governments we want, and about how to better govern ourselves.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca is an extension of the affirmative responses voters have to the two questions asked of them in the 1991 provincial election. See the results here. (See page 60.) As a result of the voters’ responses, British Columbia has had these three tools of direct democracy. The tools are: the Referendum Act, and the Recall and Initiative Act, which, with some tweaking, will allow us, the voting public, to control any government regardless of affiliation with any party, thereby solving the problem of having our votes controlled and ignored by the system and keeping us out of the decision-making process.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca will give British Columbians a voice between elections. While the solution to the real problem is to put into the hands of the public, the authority to collectively overturn the intentions and/or actions of despotic governments, a temporary influence is to propose solutions to existing problems collectively.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca will help us become more informed, organized, and effective against harmful policies and decisions by governments.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca will help vulnerable people in need; protect the environment and agricultural land; provide a high standard of eduction at every level; include all necessary health-related services to those in need; keep our communities safe; and the list goes on.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca is about creating a model of Direct Democracy similar to the system used in Switzerland for more than 150 years, and has worked well across time.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca is the property of BC Refederation Party.

DirectDemocracyBC.ca was registered  2013/03/12.