There are so many reasons to stop Site-C

Terry Hand
December 03, 2017

It isn’t like the Liberals, NDP, or Greens didn’t know about the reasons for not proceeding with Site -C, those reasons have been apparent since the mid 1970’s and beyond. The BC public should be appalled, no they should be enraged that this project and the wasted billions of tax dollars has been allowed to proceed to the point it is at today!

Is this what we accept as democracy today? We elect successive governments which proceed to completely disregard it’s obligation to those who elected them and immediately pander to those corporate and union entities who enrich them with money, votes and crony favours outside of political life. Voters are fully aware of this as this practice is repeated generation after generation.

What follows is a 2013 report by Arthur A. Hadland., former director of area C  PRRD:


One thought on “There are so many reasons to stop Site-C

  1. Thank you for the evidence that Site C is only a vanity project to bestow a glamorous legacy for Christy Clark and the previous government … at our expense. If the current premier chooses to complete the dam, he is doing it for similar reasons … and to keep labour – albeit temporary – satisfied he is protecting them with decent-paying jobs.

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