Month: December 2017

The Obscured Story of the Site C Dam – Part 1

Note: I thought this was a story I could write in a day, but the more I made notes, the more I realized it needs to be a series.

By: Liz Galenzoski

December 15, 2017
Series 1 of 3

For me, it began about fifty years ago when I heard a radio news item about bridge footings sinking in northeastern British Columbia; at least that’s how I have always remembered. Twenty-five or so years later, I heard Rafe Mair on CKNW fighting against a dam called Site C. There was no connection between the two events until I read a blog written by Laila Yuile a few years ago in which she wrote about the cracks that were appearing on the North Slope of the Peace River at the location of the Site C dam. The Case to Stop Site C Construction – Links & News. Take your time and read through each link on this post to understand the entire story.

Meanwhile, I told a colleague the story about the radio news item, and we both searched for it but found nothing.

Opposition against building Site C grew. There were groups concerned about the farmers being driven from their land; there was opposition to flooding land that could be used to grow food; there was opposition to flooding sacred indigenous grounds; there was opposition to the cost of the project. BC Refed wrote several articles opposing Site C because we believed then, as we do now, that it is old technology, and that the cost of building another dam on the Peace River would take money away from moving to more modern, cleaner, and efficient technology. Continue reading

There are so many reasons to stop Site-C

Terry Hand
December 03, 2017

It isn’t like the Liberals, NDP, or Greens didn’t know about the reasons for not proceeding with Site -C, those reasons have been apparent since the mid 1970’s and beyond. The BC public should be appalled, no they should be enraged that this project and the wasted billions of tax dollars has been allowed to proceed to the point it is at today!

Is this what we accept as democracy today? We elect successive governments which proceed to completely disregard it’s obligation to those who elected them and immediately pander to those corporate and union entities who enrich them with money, votes and crony favours outside of political life. Voters are fully aware of this as this practice is repeated generation after generation.

What follows is a 2013 report by Arthur A. Hadland., former director of area C  PRRD: Continue reading