Bridge Collapse at Site-C location

Terry Hand
November 18, 2017

“Site C handling verges on scandalous: “Mike de Jong (Alberni Valley News Nov. 14, 2017)

Based on that statement by Mike De Jong (image below), I have to wonder if he would make the same claim if it was HIS money being invested into site-C without his permission.

I have said since 2014 that the site-C project is nothing more than a colossal gamble.

An investment is a calculated decision to put up money after all the details have been laid on the table and all the stakeholders and investors have had an opportunity to review, consider the risks verses benefits, discuss it and reach a conclusion on whether to proceed or not.

The largest stakeholders in this project are the people of BC as they are the ones who fund it in its entirety, regardless of the outcome.  Compare that with how this project has been handled so far!
A gambler, a habitual gambler will continue to gamble until his/her last dime is on the table, throwing good money after bad, this is how the liberal government have handled this project thus far; the only difference between them and the habitual gambler, is they are gambling with “OUR” money not theirs. Maybe we should invest the MLAs pension fund into site-C if it’s such a good deal, just think how much their pensions will grow, well according to their logic. I don’t believe we will see any MLAs jumping on that opportunity anytime soon!

Who in their right mental state decides to build a mega project like site-c after all the warnings of continually reducing electricity demand, of location subsidence? And other associated risks?

For the record and nothing has been said about this in the mainstream media, there used to be a rather large suspension bridge across the peace-river where the site-c dam is to be built, the bridge collapsed on 16 October 1957 due to landslide which moved one of the anchor abutments on the north side, resulting in the collapse of the approach and north side span. From the report by Emeritus Professors at the department of civil engineering university of Edmonton: “Since
Construction of the bridge was the major cause of the landslide”.

The recent actions of the Liberal party in regards proposing and commencement of construction of site-C reminds me of the Monty Python skit about the castle sinking into the swamp, so he built another one and it sank, so he built another one.

In my experience (almost 70 years) there are two things which have remained constant in regards politics on both sides of the Atlantic:

1) Pretty well every government/party speaks of “change” and or of “real change”

2) at the end of the day nothing changes!


The following report and images are available on the web by searching Canadian Geo-technical society. I would place the link but for some unknown reason when I include in articles it brings up a “page not found” error, so too when I try to copy/paste the link into the browser. Click HERE to see video of Peace river bridge collapse then read report and view images below:



PR Report-2

PR Report-3

PR Report-4

PR Report-5

Bridge image-1

Bridge image-5

Bridge image-3

Bridge imae-6

Bridge image-8

Bridge image-4
Bridge image-11


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