Remembering my father

Burma star_n
By Terry Hand
November 11, 2017

War it futile, it is waged for profit (possession of land is profit) and the excuse given to the people is you are fighting for your freedom, King and country.

The first world war was the jealous, petty squabbling of envious cousins. The Tsar of Russia, Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia and King George V. 70 million troops mobilized and they were the cannon fodder of this deadly squabble. The victors profit enormously from the spoils of war, the people pay the price for the exercise and the soldiers pay with blood and limbs, those who do return do not get compensated for their efforts, on the contrary they many times are treated with contempt, are unemployed, maimed and without any REASONABLE social safety net to help them.
Approximately 18 million combined military and civilians died in what was termed the war to end all war’s. Sadly these wars continue today predicated on lies and profit and silently consented to by an ever gullible society.

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